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Course Materials Guidelines

Course materials should include the items listed below. The syllabus should offer a clear statement of the goals, practices, and policies of the course. See Required Course Components for more information about these elements. A complete syllabus includes:

    1. Course Description. See sample Course Description here
    2. Course Inquiry. Indicate how this particular version of the course (readings, theme, central questions) maps onto larger course goals. (May be combined with Course Description.)
    3. Course Goals/Learning Objectives.A well-developed course is designed around specific course goals and student-learning objectives; these goals and objectives should be articulated for your students (perhaps in a paragraph or a few sentences and a bulleted list) in your syllabus. What will your students take away from the course?
    4. Required Materials. Books, course management software, etc.
    5. Revision Process. An explicit description of how student work circulates and is read, reviewed, and revised, including attention to how presentations, writing group feedback, individual conferences, or other activities will be used to help students to develop and revise projects.
    6. Information Literacy, Reflective Writing, and Multimodal Composition Components.
    7. Grading. Describe grading principles and procedures for individual projects (methods of response and evaluation) and the course as a whole.
    8. Schedule. The schedule should provide at least a general outline of the course calendar with an indication of when major assignments are due and some sense of day-to-day activity (more than just readings). The course schedule can be written out by week or include specific dates, etc. — whatever works best for you to plan and organize your course and communicate that plan to your students.
    9. Assignments. These are usually separate documents outlining contexts, intellectual and writing goals, calendar or process, and evaluative criteria for each assignment. More here

Sample syllabi, assignments, and course schedules are available here.

Form: FYW Course Materials

Hartford campus FYW instructors, please submit your spring 2021 course materials here. Please click on and review the Guidelines above (or get in touch with Scott) if you have questions about requirements.
  • Please upload your syllabus and schedule for the courses you are teaching this current semester. (No need for duplicate materials if you are teaching multiple sections.) Your schedule may be included in your syllabus or may be a separate document.
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    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf.
  • Please upload at least one assignment prompt for this course that you see as representative of the work you ask of students in the course.
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